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THE ATHLETIC SCHOLAR- Athletic Scholarships

There are more than 1,000 colleges/universities in The United States that offer athletic scholarships and over $1 billion in scholarships awarded each year to high school student athletes for their athletic abilities. Across the country there are roughly 8 million high school student athletes competing and not only does this number grow annually, but the competition gets better. Having a well rounded academic, athletic,and extracurricular resume, will certainly improve your odds at landing that sports scholarship to your dream school.

The Athletic Scholar aims to provide high school student athletes and their parents a personalized service that is built around their individual goals. An expert recruiting agent spends the time to understand what is important to you in potential schools and all relevant aspects of the recruiting process. Although college is only 4 years, the decision on which college/university you select can impact the rest of your life. Please fill out our FREE Evaluation, or contact us via phone or email to get started on your recruiting process today!

Work Directly With NCAA All-Americans and Professional Athletes!

Each and every member of The Athletic Scholar’s team walked down the very path you are on now. The recruiting process is very different for each individual, so we are able to provide many different views and strategies on how to tackle it best! Our team of All-Americans and professional athletes knows what it takes to be successful in all sports and we want to help you get to the next level and reach your goals and dreams! Our Sports: Track and Field, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Swimming, Field Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling, Hockey, Golf, Gymnastics. Contact us today to get your recruiting process up and running!

Let us Help YOU Find Your Dream School

There are thousands of schools across the country that award student athletes scholarships every year. Every school offers different areas of study, level of athletics, style of campus, dining facilities, school run activities, living accommodations, size, region, demographics and much more. All of our expert recruiting agents have the skill set and proper resources to assist you in finding the school that fits YOU best.

Our “Perfect Match Program” sets up our student athletes to be successful.  We take the time to understand your every want and need in potential schools. With realistic goals in mind, our expert recruiting agents pair student athletes with colleges/universities that make sense according to their academics, athletics, and the qualities they seek in a college/university. It is important to have a ‘good fit’ on both ends (student athlete & School) in order for the student athlete to get the most out of the best 4 years of their life.