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High School Recruiting Process

The High School Recruiting Process can be a very complex and difficult experience for student athletes and parents. You are probably thinking.. Where do I start? How do I get noticed? When should I start my recruiting process? What do I need to do first? and this is completely normal. College coaches rely heavily on third party services like, The Athletic Scholar to assist them in their recruiting processes.  Start your recruiting process TODAY, by contacting The Athletic Scholar or fill out our FREE Evaluation and one of our expert recruiting agents will reach out to you!

The Importance of a Third Party Recruiting Service

In The United States, almost all coaches, from all collegiate sports communicate with a third party recruiting service, in one way or another. Third Party Recruiting Services, like The Athletic Scholar, build strong relationships and trust with college coaches across the country. The Athletic Scholar and other third party services are able to make the recruiting process of college coaches easier by evaluating and creating realistic goals for high school student athletes. For Example, a high school boy who runs a 4 minute mile should be promoted to the best Track and Field programs in the country and a high school girl who has very limited playing time on the soccer field, no goals or assists, should not be promoted to the top tier soccer programs. It is very important to be realistic with your goals and potential colleges/universities, in order to receive the most amount of sport scholarship offers. Third Party Service, like The Athletic Scholar are able to use their relationships and connections to get in touch with college coaches, and ultimately sports scholarships.


How The Athletic Scholar can Help YOU!

The Athletic Scholar combines their strong relationships with college coaches and our 100% customized service, that is tailor-made for each student athlete. We provide the most personalized service that is solely focused on YOU! Below are just a few ways The Athletic Scholar can help YOU!

  • Unlimited Promotion to College Coaches
  • Athletic Profile and Video Profile
  • Communication with College Coaches
  • Guidance through every step of the Recruiting Process
  • Never miss an important date or deadline