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[reveal title="Are athletic scholarship opportunities available in the Ivy League?" open="false" color="grey-lite"]Ivy League schools don’t offer athletic scholarships, but they do offer need based financial aid. They’ll determine your needs based on your family earnings and assets. If its under 75,000 dollars, there’s a chance you’ll earn full aid for school. After that amount, usually what you pay will be based on incremental scale. Each school has a different range for need based financial aid. Your academics also play a huge role.[/reveal][reveal title="Do Ivy League Schools have a different timeline for recruiting?" open="false" color="grey-lite"]Academics come first. Ivy League schools tend to reach out a little bit before your Junior and during your Senior year. They’re usually waiting for Division I caliber and academically strong student athletes to consider their programs first. .[/reveal][reveal title="What is the NAIA? " open="false" color="grey-lite"]

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics is the legislator for sports for over 300 college programs. The programs are usually smaller and tend to have a religious affiliation. The level of play is similar to Division II.

[/reveal][reveal title=" What is the NJCAA?" open="false" color="grey-lite"]

The NJCAA stands for National Junior College Athletic Association. They are the governing body for over 513 junior and community college programs in 15 different sports. Most programs are two year programs and offer transferable credits.

[/reveal][reveal title="As an athlete, is my application process different?" open="false" color="grey-lite"]

You still have to apply to the university. Coaches will usually ask you to send them your application directly so that they can send it into admissions. Athletics can be a great door to fulfilling academic enrichment.

[/reveal][reveal title="When can division III coaches contact me? " open="false" color="grey-lite"]

Division III coaches can send material or make calls at anytime. Off-campus visits with you and your parents from coaches start after your Junior year.

[/reveal][reveal title="When can Division II coaches contact me? " open="false" color="grey-lite"]

They can send you information materials and may start to call as soon as September 1st of your Junior year. They can call once-per-week starting June 15th between your Junior and Senior years. Coaches make off-campus visits with families after June 15th after your Junior year.

[/reveal][reveal title="When can Division I coaches contact me?" open="false" color="grey-lite"]Due to NCAA rules, most DI coaches can’t call you until September 1st of your Junior year. For Men’s basketball and Men’s hockey, they can contact you on June 15th of your Sophomore year. You can still be proactive by calling, emailing and sending DI coaches letters, they just can’t call back if its before the mentioned dates. They can send generic information to you at an anytime.[/reveal][reveal title="How many official visits do I have?" open="false" color="grey-lite"]You can only make 5 official visits. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the athletic and academic programs. Do your research and stay organized. You want to have a top list of schools because you only get five official visits. Its up to you on how many you want to make. Remember to communicate with your high school coaches about these visits so that it doesn’t conflict with your season schedule. You can make unlimited amount of unofficial visits.[/reveal][reveal title="What is an official visit? " open="false" color="grey-lite"]

An official visit is when the university or college pays for your visit. It includes transportation, lodging, game tickets and meals. This is a great sign because it means the university and coaches are seriously interested in you. Remember that you are only allowed 5 official visits. An unofficial visit is different because you have to pay for all your expenses.

[/reveal][reveal title="How do coaches get my test scores?" open="false" color="grey-lite"]You cannot go on an official visit without sending your test scores to either the Eligibility Center or directly to the school. Be prepared and bring your transcript and scores with you when you visit colleges. It’s important for coaches to know you qualify academically.[/reveal][reveal title="Should I fill out all questionnaires that I receive? " open="false" color="grey-lite"]Yes. Filling out questionnaires is the first way you can develop a relationship with the coach. If they take the time to send it, you should take the time to show you’re interested and fill it out. This is a great way to gain exposure, get your name in the college coach’s databases, keep all options open and to stay realistic about playing at the collegiate level.[/reveal]