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Earning an athletic scholarship is a very difficult task. It begins with the hours, sweat, and tears put into your sport at a very young age. A very small portion of high school athletes earn athletic scholarships to compete in college. Only the best of the best will ever see money in the form of sports scholarships. Every sport and every team have a different number of scholarships available each year for potential recruits. With the proper training, results, and guidance, you could fall into the slim category of athletes across the country who play at the collegiate level on an athletic scholarship.

There are a tremendous amount of sport scholarships available for those student athletes who meet or exceed the minimum academic and athletic benchmarks.  In order to become eligible for a sports scholarship, you must be cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center, record a certain level of grades in the classroom and on the SAT, amongst many other requirements. Allow a third party service, like The Athletic Scholar to guide you through the many steps of the recruiting process and to your dream school.