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Step 2

Step 2: In-depth questionnaire with student-athlete & parents

The Athletic Scholar Takes the Time to Understand Your Every Need!

During step 2, one of our expert recruiting agents will “21 question” the student athlete and the parents. You will be asked all about your athletic and academic goals, what is most important to you in a potential college/university, how far away from home are you willing to travel, private vs public school, size of the school, city vs campus school, detailed questions about college sports programs, and much, much more.

All of our expert recruiting agents have walked down the exact same path as you, and will provide invaluable insight into college sports and ask you the best questions to help understand your goals.  It is our goal to provide a personalized service for our student athletes and parents and we truly take the time to understand their goals, dreams, and individual situations.

The process of step 2 generally takes between 1-2 hours, at most. We are extremely thorough with this process, because we want to make sure we pair our student athletes with colleges that are a perfect match for what they are looking for.