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Swimming Scholarships

Swimming and Diving are unique sports just like Track and Field and Cross Country because they share their athletic scholarships. Swimming and Diving are classified as an equivalency sport, which means that coaches do not offer all full scholarships, and break them up as they see best for the team. The level of competition in college swimming is extremely high, in part because college programs frequently recruit both internationally and domestic student athletes to join their team. College coaches are looking for the “total package” when recruiting high school swimmers. They are in search of a strong swimmer who has shown steady progress over the course of high school and will continue to improve. College coaches also lean more for the student athletes who take the “student” part of “student athlete” serious. Good grades in the classroom and on the SAT will benefit your chances at an athletic scholarship tremendously.


Swimming Recruiting Process

Your swimming recruiting process started the day before yesterday! What are you waiting for? It is truly never too early to begin your recruiting process. Whether that be researching schools with swimming programs, trying to understand the guidelines for college sports, or even researching how to get started. Be proactive and take charge of your recruiting process and the results will be just what you are looking for! In the sport of swimming, we use time to indicate how well we did, which makes it easier for college coaches and student athletes during the recruiting process. Although times are pretty clean cut, coaches still like to watch their top recruits swim at big meets. Swimming at the big meets will get you exposure to college coaches, and it is crucial to have great performances when being watched live.


Men’s Swimming Guidelines

50 Free Below 23.0 Below 24.5 Below 25.0
500 Free Below 4:47 Below 5:00 Below 5:08
100 Back Below 56.0 Below 57.5 Below 60.0
100 Breast Below 1:03 Below 1:05 Below 1:07
100 Fly Below 55.0 Below 58.5 Below 60.0
200IM Below 2:03 Below 2:06 Below 2:08


Women’s Swimming Guidelines

50 Free Below 26.0 Below 27.5 Below 29.5
500 Free Below 5:08 Below 5:20 Below 5:34
100 Back Below 1:01.5 Below 1:03.2 Below 1:07
100 Breast Below 1:13.5 Below 1:16.2 Below 1:18.5
100 Fly Below 60.0 Below 1:03 Below 1:08
200IM Below 2:12 Below 2:17.5 Below 2:26

Number of Swimming Programs and Scholarships Per Team

Men’s Swimming

NCAA D1: 134 programs;  9.9 scholarships 
NCAA D2: 54 programs;  8.1 scholarships 
NAIA: 20 programs; 8 scholarships
NJCAA: 56 programs; 15 scholarships 

Women’s Swimming

NCAA D1: 192 programs;  14 scholarships 
NCAA D2: 73 programs;  8.1 scholarships 
NAIA: 24 programs; 8 scholarships 
NJCAA: 59 programs; 15 scholarships