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College Track and Field Scholarships

In the United States, there are over 1,000 colleges/universities that have track and field programs. On the NCAA D1 and D2 level, men’s programs are fully funded at 12.6 track and field scholarships. Men’s track and field programs at the NAIA level may offer 12 scholarships.  Women’s track and field programs at the D1 level can offer 18 scholarships, while at the D2 and NAIA level, only 12.6 scholarships may be awarded. It is very common for track and field coaches to award partial scholarships to prospective student athletes, but of course, there are opportunities to earn full athletic scholarships also.

College Track and Field Recruiting

At the end of each year, coaches sit down and develop strategies on how to use their sports scholarships, as well as what/who their recruiting plan will consist of. Coaches will often reward current athletes who performed exceptionally well that year with more scholarship money, while also taking into consideration their needs for the upcoming recruiting class. It is the goal of the coaching staff to recruit student athletes who will make an immediate impact on the team and be able to score points in the conference and national meets. Coaches are able to recruit and retain a higher quantity of top talent by dividing up scholarships into partial scholarships and spreading them out amongst sprints, distance, throws, and jumps.

Basic Academic Guidelines to be Eligible

High school student athletes need to earn a 3.0 GPA, 24 ACT, and at least 1000 out of 1600 on the SAT in order to become eligible to compete at the collegiate level.

3.0 GPA/ 24 ACT/ 1000 SAT


What times and marks do I need to get a Track and Field Scholarship?

Track and field is a very clean cut and simple sport because the results are in times and marks. Each program in the country has their own set of guidelines that they follow for awarding track and field scholarships. Guidelines can be found on each individual schools athletic website, and give you a very good indicator of the times and marks you need in order to be considered for scholarship money. A third party service, like The Athletic Scholar can help you get in touch with coaches from colleges/universities and discover what exactly they are looking for during their current recruiting process.

Below you will find track and field scholarship guidelines. Sign up today for a FREE evaluation to see the many opportunities that are out there for you!    


Men’s Track and Field Guidelines

Women’s Track & Field Guidelines